Core Team Vacancies

Recruiting Core Team Members for May 2017- May 2018!

Please apply if you are passionate, creative and committed individuals, who want to use your talents and skills to make a difference! If you join our team, it will be a lot of hard work, but we also promise that it will be rewarding. Take this unique opportunity to play a critical role in establishing this emerging platform, which addresses some key needs in Hong Kong society.

Officer (Unispark)

Coordinator (Unispark)

Coordinator (Mentorship Programme)

Coordinator (Admin - Finance & logistics)

Coordinator (Admin - Research)

Coordinator (Admin - Human Resources)

Coordinator (PR - Communications and social media)


Send a completed Youth Empact Core Team Form and your CV to by May 7th, 2017.

Our 2017 Programme

We place importance in developing practical and relevant workshop and events for the Youth Empact family and prioritise evaluation to improve the results of the programme. In the second year, we will be focusing on 2 programme components – “Unispark” and “Mentorship”. Youth Empact will continue to work with Delia School in Kwun Tong; we will take in a new cohort of 25-30 form 6 students. The programme will begin in 2017 summer. It must be clarified that we are NOT academic tutors or personal counselors; we are a platform that provides specific skills training and motivational support for our specific target audience.

What is the Unispark Programme?

Tertiary education is a stepping stone to a prosperous career and fulfilling life. At Youth Empact, we wish to equip our students with study techniques, positive attitude, motivation, and smart strategies in tackling the high-school-to-university transition. Unispark draws strengths from our leadership programme and aims to prepare secondary students for their external examinations in both strategies for exam success and inspiring personal drive. In addition, a new “careers” development element will be incorporated so that students can select universities and courses best suited to their interests and predicted grades.

What is the Mentorship Programme?

We focus on mentorship because it provides personalised support and inspiration for our students during their final year. Each student is assigned a mentor with similar life ambitions, hobbies, and complementary personality traits. This programme is an extension of Unispark – it encourages students to practice the skills gained from workshops and mentors can keep accountable to their goals.

Please also only apply if you can commit 6 hours per week to this initiative. We are looking for passionate, committed and talented young people to make up our core team!